What does a DCC member do?

From the Alameda County Dems

“The Alameda County Democratic Party coordinates the party’s activities throughout the county, making endorsements, organizing events and directing resources to support local, state and national candidates. Its governing body, the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee, is charged under state law with overseeing the Party’s local activities and campaigns, under the general direction of the California Democratic Party. The Central Committee consists of members elected from each of the county’s State Assembly Districts, as well as the Democratic nominees for Congress, State Senate, Assembly, and State Constitutional office."

The Committee consists of elected volunteers and ex-officio members who are usually holders or nominees for other elected offices.

The Committee role is to promote and sustain the Democratic Party by:

1. Interviewing and selecting candidates for non-partisan local elected offices within Alameda County.

2. Arranging for the financing and production of “slate-cards” of endorsed candidates that are mostly in the form of mailers send to all registered Democrats in the Assembly District of that Committee.

3. Organizing voter registration efforts.

4. Regulating and promoting local Democratic clubs.

The bylaws state the functions as:

Section 1. The county central committee shall have charge of the party campaign under the general direction of the State central committee or of the executive committee selected by the State central committee.

Section 2. Pursuant to this duty, the organization and activities of the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee (hereafter referred to as the Committee) shall be directed primarily toward securing the election to office of the official nominees of the Democratic Party.

Section 3. The Committee shall perform such other duties and services for the Democratic Party as seem to be for the benefit of the Party.