More than you want to know about voting deadlines

Registering or re-registering to vote:

Deadline is 11:59:59 p.m. PST on Monday May 23rd for online voter registration (not 5pm).  A paper registration form must be postmarked by midnight Monday May 23rd. I recommend online and doing it by 5pm PST in case there are computer problems.

Mail-in voters:

One or before June 7th, mail-in voters can drop their ballot off at the Alameda County Registrar of Voters in downtown Oakland. 1225 Fallon Street. There is also a drop-box on the sidewalk outside. 


If you are already registered as a mail-in No Party Preference voter and want to vote for a specific party's presidential candidate, you need to download the application for a "cross-over ballot." 


That is the same form and deadline for any type of registered voter who just wants a regular mail-in ballot.

The completed physical form has to be RECEIVED by the Registrar May 31st (not May 30th).  That’s confusing because all the other election document deadlines are “post marked or submitted online by” dates.

(I’ve asked the Registrar if the completed form can be emailed or faxed to them. No answer yet.)

But of course, it’s very iffy that the Registrar can deliver to you any type of mail-in ballot in time for you to mail it in or drop off by election day if you mail this in even a full week before May 31st because they are so backed up and the post office is slow.

My recommendation: if you haven’t received the correct type of mail-in ballot by now, and you don’t have time to go in person go the Registrar on or before May 31, just assume you will have to vote in person not by mail.


Mail-in ballots that are postmarked June 7th or earlier that are received by June 10th are included in the final vote count.

Walk-in aka vote in-person voters:

Any type of registered voter can vote early in person at the Alameda County Registrar of Voters in downtown Oakland 1225 Fallon Street. Weekdays 830am to 5pm. They are also open Sat and Sun 9-3pm the last two weekends before election day, June 7th. Bring your election material if you have it. Bring ID.

On election day June 7th, any registered voter can go to any Alameda County polling place between 7am and 8pm.  If it’s not your pre-assigned location, you will be given an envelope called a “provisional ballot.” Fill it out very carefully because you could change your registration by mistake.  Your vote will still be counted, but might take a couple of weeks. If you lost your voter packet, you can go online to find location of your assigned polling station.


Registered No Party Preference voters who will walk-in do NOT need to apply in advance for a cross-over ballot for a presidential candidate. They just request a cross-over ballot at the polling station.


If there are any misunderstandings or unexpected issues at a polling place, ask the poll worker to call their “trouble-shooter.”


After spending many hours reading and writing about the voting procedures, I’ve decided to add another item to my platform:

Push the Secretary of State to implement internet voting. If the IRS and California allows filing tax returns over the internet, California can lead the way on internet voting. Eliminate all this needless paper shuffling, postage, and hanging chads.