California has “modified” “open voting” for presidential primaries 

There are different ways you can still vote depending on your registration status: 

1. If you are registered as a “No Party Preference” aka “declined to state” a party affiliation, you can walk into your local polling station on election day and request a presidential primary ballot for either Democrat, Libertarian, or the ultra-right wing racist American Independent Party. This alternate ballot would not allow you to participate in other partisan nominations such as mine for the Democratic Central Committee AD15. 

2. Alternatively, you can re-register on or before May 23, 2016 and select a party as explained in item 3 below. After the election you can change your voter registration to whatever you want. Your voting affiliation is a public record. You will have to vote in person on June 7th. 

3. If you are registered for any party other than the one whose presidential primary you want to vote in, you must re-register by May 23, 2016 and vote in person (unless you request the correct vote by mail ballot and it reaches you in time. lol) 

Go online and re-register (or register if you’re not) on or before May 23, 2016 and state a party preference. You can do that online at or in person at the Alameda Registrar of Voters near the Main Library in DTO. 

The Republican, Green, and Peace & Freedom parties chose not to allow open voting in their primaries. To vote in their presidential primary you must re-register on or before May 23, 2016. 

For more information: 

Len Raphael, CPA 
Candidate for Democratic Central Committee AD15 North Oakland, Emeryville, North Oakland Hills, Berkeley, Albany, Montclair, and Piedmont