Mail-voters don't waste time getting postage

Post Office reality vs Post Office policy -  My trip to the Post Office today


Stood in line for 10 minutes at the Post Office this afternoon. When my turn came, I asked the clerk what the correct postage would be. She told me 68 cents. Then I asked her to accept my ballot envelope without any postage. She told me postage was required. I asked for her supervisor who told me the same thing. I asked the supervisor if she had received the training memo of two weeks ago stating USPO policy of accepting and processing all election mail regardless of postage. She said no she had not but that I could place my envelope in the lobby mailbox.

Then another postal worker who had been emptying the mail boxes in the lobby, spoke up.  He explained that what the counter supervisor meant was that clerks at the front counter could not accept mail with insufficient postage but that all election mail deposited in mail boxes would be processed, postmarked, delivered. The counter clerks would not have received a memo about mail processing. Different job category from mail handlers/processors.

 He explained that counter clerks are required to the reconcile the postage on the envelopes they process to the official amount of postage.   But mail processing clerks, handlers, and automated processing equipment do not check for sufficient postage on election mail.  All election mail is separated from other outbound mail and placed in a special bin for expedited delivery to the Registrar.  Every day that bin has a large quantity of envelopes with either no postage or only one stamp, some with too much postage, and a very few with the correct postage. 

 Don't worry about the postage. Put a stamp or two on the official envelope, or no stamp if you don't have one. Don't spend time getting postage that you could use researching the candidates and measures. Don't delay mailing. Do sign the envelope.