Are you a mail-in voter who has moved?

Your mail-in ballot could get invalidated.

Mail-In Voter Who Moved Within the County After Registering?


Your ballot could get invalidated if your name and address don’t match the Registrar’s database.


Best thing is to go in person to County Registrar from now till Monday including the weekend, or to any polling station in Alameda County on Tues June 7th election day and vote in person. Bring your docs. If you’re a No Party Preference registered voter, they can give you a “cross-over” ballot so you can vote in the Presidential primary of either Democrats, Libertarians, or the AIP.


But if you can’t go in person, use the address and date blank fields to make validation easy for the Registrar:


The blank fields on the ballot envelope for inputting your address and the date are actually optional according to my call to the Alameda Registrar of Voters today.  This despite the wording about required for verification which is a left over from prior years when your registered address was not pre-printed on the back of the mail-in envelope. The Registrar looks up the pre-printed address in their database when your signature is illegible. (I did not ask why they didn't also pre-print your name below where you sign.)


What if the pre-printed address is no longer your correct address?  

This is my conclusion because I didn't ask the Registrar:


1.  If you still live at the pre-printed address legibly sign your name so the Registrar can match your name to their database of names and addresses. No need to fill in your address.


2. If you moved within the county and your old address is still pre-printed, what you do depends on whether or not you have already told the Registrar that you have moved.


              a. if you have informed them of your move, e.g. online by May 23, 2016, then you should write in the new address so they can match your name to the new address in their system.


              b. if you have not yet informed them of your move, don't put anything in the address box. It will only confuse them and could result in your ballot getting invalidated.