American Independent Party registration does not = independent

Many people registered as American Independent because they thought it meant they were really independent, aka no party preference/ don't want to be a member of a political party etc.

But that isn't what the AIP is at all. It is a political party and a particularly obnoxious right wing one at that.

f you registered as American Independent, not realizing that it was a party, you can re-register as a No Party Preference voter. You don't have much time left to do that. Deadline is Monday May 23rd online by 5pm or by mail postmarked by May 23rd.  If you want a mail-in ballot for that, you probably won't receive it in time to vote.


The other reason to switch from AIP to No Party Preference, is that if you are No Party Preference you can request a "cross-over" presidential primary ballot that will allow you to vote in the Democrat presidential primary.  You can get that by going into any Alameda County polling place on election day or the County Registrar's office on or before election day,  and requesting one.
But to vote cross-over you must change your registration to No Party Preference by Monday May 23rd.
The Registrar of Voters is getting overwhelmed with mail-in ballots and registrations so you might not receive your new voting material in the mail soon enough.
As long as you registered or re-registered on line by 5pm May 23rd, for whatever reason,  or your mailed with a May 23rd postmark, you can always go to any county polling place on election day to vote. They will give you a "provisional ballot" envelope and the "cross-over" presidential ballot if applicable. 
The downtown Oakland Registrar of Voters will be open 9-3 on the last two weekends before election day Tuesday June 7th.  Easy to park nearby. BART not so easy.
On election day all polls are open 7am to 8pm.
Len Raphael Candidate for 15AD Alameda County Democratic Central Committee
Albany, Berkeley, Emeryville, N Oakland, Montclair, and Piedmont
(last name on the ballot for 15th AD)